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Shipping And Delivery

You may check the status of order under two circumstances:

All the shipping status of your order will be visible from MYCRAFTSHOPPE dashboard directly if the seller ships it using MYCRAFTSHOPPE Supported Logistics.

If the orders are being shipped by seller’s courier or logistic, the shipping status of your order will still be visible directly in your order's shipping information when sellers updated their tracking number into the order.

Check your delivery status yourself by clicking on the name of the order under your "My Shopping Cart" tab and then click on "View Shopping Bag" of the "Shipping information" to see the full detail of the shipping status of your order.

Understand that sometimes the courier service provider might not be able to send it to you on weekends or immediately next day, please do consider to wait for the deliveryman to send it to you.

For product delivery, the seller will receive a notification and be ready for the goods packaging process. Goods will be delivered immediately within 3 working days to the buyer.